Project Design Comformity Assessment

For the law enforcement no. 32/2016 date: 24.03.2016 “To guarantee work safety of equipment and installation under pressure” Article 4 “Design and review of the technical project of equipment/installation under pressure” before commencement of the mounting procedure of equipment/installation under pressure, economic operator must take measures to assess the conformity of the technical project.

SWISS APPROVAL ALBANIA sh.p.k is an approved body for the conformity assessment of technical and technological project for products/equipment/installations under pressure from the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Ministry  on date 22.06.2016

Administrative and technical documentation

Is necessary for the commencement of procedures. Economic operator should address with a written request, where among other things must contain economic operator credentials, relevant contacts and project which refers to the conformity assessment

Documentation of the technical project which is posed by the entity above other things must contain:

Technical and legal references

  • Standards referred
  • Legal base referred for the project compilation


Technological project

  • Technological schemes of the installation/plant
  • Placement plan of the installation/plant
  • General view of the installation/plant
  • Additional drawings (Side view, cross section etc)
  • Cathodic protection when applied


Technical report

  • Technical specification of the project
  • Selected material
  • Work pressures
  • Work temperature
  • Volume capacity
  • Internal/external security distances
  • Technical request for welding


Security systems

  • Protection from pressures
  • Fire protection
  • Evacuation plan
  • Detection and signaling of fire
  • Protection from atmospheric discharge


Electrical installation project

  • Electric schemes of the installation/plant
  • Electrical installation project
  • Technical report of electrical installation
  • Earthing protocol