Personnel Certification

SWISS APPROVAL ALBANIA , certification body, can issue certifications for personnel that operates on:

  • LPG tanks with a volume up to and above 13 m³, installed above and underground.
  • Pressurized vessels, technological equipment, and compressed air reservoir.
  • Boilers that are designed to produce steam or heat water.
  • Cryogenic pressurized vessels.
  • LPG cylinders filling and storage centers.
  • Unload and Pour LPG gas from tank truck.
  • Transportation vehicle of LPG cylinders.

Requirements to apply for certification:

  • According to the requirements of the regulations regarding the use of pressurized equipment, it is allowed only  to age above 18 years old, have completed at least a 9 years education program or have followed a lower professional education. To work independently it is necessary to carry a theoretical and practical course organized by the employer and to obtain proper certification.
  • Competence is understood as a combination of theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Certificate holders and candidates are required to be familiar with the relevant regulations, technologies, standards, ways of eliminating defects and practice for using accordingly to the manufacturer the specific pressurized vessels.

Candidates and holders of certificates it is required to have and submit:

  • Writing request form (by the self-employed or company) for application for certification which contains generality and the required training device.
  • Relevant qualifications, as well as evidence or certificates from the relevant authorities.
  • Have a full course of training provided by the employer.
  • Technical documentation of the device for which the employee will be certified
  • Applicants, as employees and self-employed also have to provide documentation of evidence for physical abilities as sight, hearing and mobility.

Requirements to apply for certification:





After submission of the applicant quoted above documentation will be subject to testing knowledge by the evaluation of skills and technical knowledge.

Test Date

Tiranë 16/02/2018, time 09:00